VentBoard™ is a proprietary, patent pending sheathing panel for use on roofs, walls and floors in both residential and commercial applications.  The product has integral ventilation while providing superior bending strength (up to 60 times stiffer than equivalent sheathing and usually about 30 times better!)

In its simplest form, it is two wood panels with a matrix:

The strength and ventilation are attributes not available with regular sheathing.

Roof panel animation

Use of the product results in significant construction cost savings over conventional construction — reducing construction costs $2,500 on an average home by eliminating trusses or joists and streamlining insulation and reducing labor.  That equates to $50 per roofing sheet on a typical home.

VentBoard™ is versatile:

  • The thicknesses of the top and bottom sheet can vary depending on application.
  • It can be made of either OSB or Plywood.
  • The bottom sheet can be solid or perforated.
  • It can also be made with one layer of matrix or several, again depending on application.
  • It can be made of one panel and one layer of matrix.
  • The matrix members can be manufactured for additional ventilation and strength (see examples below).

Additionally, DuctBoard™ is a specialized variant of VentBoard™ used for flooring.

There are two basic variants of the panels:

VentBoard™ with solid sheets on both panels – applications for homes in northern climates, especially where living space is adjacent to the roof structure as in the second story of a cape style home.

OSB Panel without top panel
VentBoard™ with a perforated sheet on the underside— this product is suitable for use in southern climates to ventilate hot attic spaces. Often used in conjunction with solid VentBoard™ for the first row to facilitate insulation.

Underside view with perforations (note the rafters at 48″ o.c.)

  • Integral Ventilation — better insulation performance, eliminates ice dams, longer material life
  • Superior Strength — up to 10 times the strength of equivalent sheathing
  • Easy to Manufacture in conventional plants
  • Can be made with Plywood or OSB
  • Installs Conventionally and interlocks with adjacent panels


In a typical configuration, VentBoard™ exceeds ASHRAE and IRC 1/150 ventilation requirements.

No more flimsy vent panels or damaging ice dams


  • Roof Sheathing— Integral Ventilation, much stronger than other sheathing.  Use for roofs adjacent to living spaces or for better ventilated attics
  • Siding Sheathing — Provides ventilation (required in Canada) extending siding life
  • Flooring– More strength, wider spans, used for distribution of heated air and wiring

Additional features include manufactured / tooled / extruded matrix members in several configurations and constructed from several materials including wood, wood fabrications, plastics, metals, etc.  Two examples are shown below.

Truss Matrix

Extruded Matrix

VentBoard Installation

VentBoard™ was selected as the roof sheathing for a Habitat for Humanity Home

VentBoard™ ventilated sheathing was selected to be used as the roof sheathing for a Habitat for Humanity home in Franconia, New Hampshire.

VentBoard™ has integral ventilation which prevents ice dams and is 10 times stronger than equivalent sheathing making it able to span supports up to 48”. VentBoard™ also has prevent to reduce attic temperatures during hot weather reducing the heat load on a house.

VentBoard™ is a proprietary, innovative sheathing panel for roofs, siding and flooring.  There are three extensive patents filed: Patent Pending 12/987,832, Patent Pending 13/016,320 and Patent Pending 13/539,919.

All details and claims are purposely NOT disclosed in this web site.  The intention of the web site is to convey the basic product and variations.