VentBoard presents a unique high-margin profit opportunity using existing machinery and plants.

VentBoard™ is ideally suited for manufacturing using present production plants.  It is easily manufactured using either OSB or Plywood. Top and bottom panel thickness can vary depending on the application, strength requirements and attachments. Panel material can also use plastic or metal components for waterproof applications.

Perforated VentBoard™ (ventilated sheathing) is suitable for unfinished attic spaces. Perforated panels can be easily punched. Hole size and spacing would comply with strength requirements.

The Market Potential indicates a large margin to allow for manufacturing while still providing a significant profit to the manufacturer, distributor, retailer and builder.   The analysis indicates a total savings of $50 per sheet of roofing is available.

View from under a perforated VentBoard™ panel – Note the 48″ oc rafter spacing.

The ventilation matrix is ideally constructed from wood products and connected with adhesives. The size of the matrix components can vary depending on the specific application and strength requirements. Spacing would be a function of panel thickness and can also vary.

Additionally, plastic matrix material can be utilized, especially from recycled sources. Extruded matrix bars can be used for the matrix.

The chamfered edges from protruding matrix edges on two contiguous sides are easily accomplished post panel assembly by trimming.

BOTTOM LINE: VentBoard is an easily manufactured, cost-effective product to produce in existing plants. Cost savings and improved value to both homeowner and builder result in an opportunity for a significant profit margin in this competitive industry.   See the Market Potential for more information and projections of profits.

Additionally, the product is very well protected:  There are three extensive Patents filed: Patent Pending 12/987,832, Patent Pending 13/016,320 and Patent Pending 13/539,919.  The patent applications cover many variations of the product configuration, use and construction.

All details and claims are purposely NOT disclosed in this web site.  The intention of the web site is to convey the basic product and variations.